20 January 2024

The Joker: A Tale of Negativity and Recognition

The Last Meeting

Arthur’s mother delivers some bad news to him. This encounter will be their final meeting. Despite the repeated weekly meetings, Arthur’s mother feels that he doesn’t listen. She asks him the same questions every week – about his job and whether he has any negative thoughts. To her disappointment, Arthur admits that all he has are negative thoughts.

A World of Comedians

The TV plays a clip featuring a man who believes he can do the job of a comedian. As a child, Arthur dreamt of becoming a comedian, but people laughed at him. Now, as he watches this man’s success, he realizes that no one is laughing at him anymore. The clip highlights how society often underestimates individuals, only to be proven wrong in the end.

An Awful Existence

Arthur reflects on the awfulness of his life. He explains that he spent his whole life wondering if he truly existed. However, he now realizes that he does exist, and people are starting to notice him. This realization marks a turning point for Arthur, as he begins to embrace his identity and seek recognition.

A Disturbing Joke

Arthur is asked if he finds his actions funny. He responds with maniacal laughter, suggesting that he does indeed find them amusing. The question implies that Arthur might not fully comprehend the consequences of his actions. His laughter serves as a disturbing reminder of the Joker’s twisted sense of humor.

The Requested Introduction

Arthur asks a small favor of his colleague, Murray. When Murray brings him out, Arthur wants to be introduced as the Joker. This request exemplifies Arthur’s desire for a new identity and persona. He no longer wants to be known as Arthur; he wants to be recognized as the Joker.

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